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Note from Apostle James: One who reads the weekly topics of REVELATION TODAY may have already concluded that the messages are a continual flow of expositional teachings in a sequential order of revelation.  If approached in this manner, the reader will certainly reap more from each message.  The messages are like a building block, if you missed one, there is a gap. Therefore, one must work through and beyond the gap to make the connection.  Receive what you can, in time that which is unclear will become clear. 

Many may wonder why I do not include actual Scripture numbers.  This is so the serious minded would be prompted to search. Those on the higher levels, I am certain, will have no problem. Those just tuning in, it is suggested that you read the archived messages before you reject or turn your mind off to these revelatory words of Truth. 


"I say unto you truthfully, there are some of those standing here who shall not taste death until they see the kingdom…And while He was praying, the appearance of His face became different, and His clothing became white and gleaming and two men were talking with Him and they were Moses and Elijah…appearing in glory".  When Christ was transfigured the appearance of His face shone and became different, and His clothing became white and gleaming. Christs natural body transmuted in order to transcend from the earthly realm into the spiritual realm.

In the two-part message, Mystery of the Resurrection, we know that just as there are two resurrections there are two deaths.  Both the symbolic and prophetic aspects of the resurrections and the symbolic ‘first death’  must be experienced if one is to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven not merely see  the Kingdom from afar.  Therefore, we have been buried  through baptism into death (dying to our self-will, mind, emotions, ego's), that as Christ was raised from the dead and transfigured into the spirit realm, we humans have this same power. This is so we too might walk in newness of life, as a Christ.  

If we have become united with the Creator in the spiritual facsimile of dying to those thoughts that keep us dwelling in the lower flows of humanism of this 3-D world, certainly we shall also be in resemblance of resurrection—a Christ—an Anointed One!

The above referenced verse is two-fold.  This means that there was a literal, symbolic and prophetic application then, and there is a literal, symbolic and prophetic relevance for us today!  The Kingdom of heaven is a spiritual experience! Heaven is a spiritual state of consciousness where the laws of nature are not applicable. 

The body of man is the earthly side of an inner heaven or mental realm. When one walks in the Christ Principles as a Christ or have the Testimony of a Christ, the inner man is being renewed daily toward unification maturing as a Son to make the shift into Divine Union. Therefore, we look at the things not seen; most often not felt, for the things seen are temporal but the things, which are not seen, are eternal.

The manifestation of a Christ or Enlightened One is when the incarnate body unites with the spirit/soul into union with the Creator of Light as I AM. This is how the Christ was able to defy gravity and perform miracles.  One can see something as in far off and not come into the full realization of it until the eyes of their mind are open and one’s spirit becomes aware that it traverses between two states of existence--the corporeal and the incorporeal.

There are two states of experiences or existence within the temporary dwelling or the natural body.  These are the temporal dwelling (corporeal) and the Eternal dwelling (incorporeal).  Both the temporal and eternal dwellings are coexistent and in both is where we experience  renewal and restoration.  

In the eternal, (spiritual) dwelling or indwelling is where we receive the revelation of the knowledge of  god consciousness and the Mysteries of the Kingdom.  In the Temporal dwelling is where the work of the revelation in the knowledge of  the Testimony of a Christ is realized. In other words one has been awakened and enlightened to the god within.

“If you have 'heard' and been taught in-Christ, just as truth is in Christ, in reference to our former manner of life, we then lay aside the old self and (that you) be renewed in the Spirit of your mind.  Put on the new self because of the hope laid up for us in heaven.”  

What is this hope?  This hope is our full inheritance of Divine Union  as a Christ--god. 

The awareness of both natures--the Temporal and the Eternal is the work of the Divine Innate Spirit within.  This means that we are not always aware of what Spirit is doing.  The works of  Spirit reveal what passes away or that which the children (immature ones) must cast off and by the same revelation, the realization of the Universal Divine Presence.

This is the shift into Restoration.  In this regenerative renewal  that which is revealed by  Spirit becomes the pillar or the backbone of the heart.  This is what governs the mature and Teleios man.

The indwelling of Spirit is the very person of the Divine Creator doing a work in man.  These workings continue until the eternal love, light and the Divine Presence consumes man.  Therefore, it is important to know and practice the Counsels concerning the perfect and Teleios man to overcome self. (See more on the Counsels concerning the Teleios in the authors book Third Day Sons). 

Teleios is the expectation of us; to become full-grown in mind and understanding of our Life-Purpose, walking in love and light  as gods.  Therefore, we must die to our old self.  Until we die to that old self-life and ego,  regenerative renewal  cannot manifest.  We must let go of the old energy and old paradigm. Otherwise the light and revelation that comes through Divine Spirit will not be there because we are full of ourselves and are not full of Spirit.  We would then limit the work of the Spirit.

The mystery of regenerative renewal and restoration, which has been concealed or secret, has now been made manifest in and to the Sons.  It is to the Household of Faith that the Spirit wants to make known this Mystery of what the riches of the Glory are for the children.  What is the mystery?  Christ in us is the Hope of our Glory; to become full grown walking in the Christ Principles as Christs to become restored as gods and co-creators! This is the SHIFT!

The full realization of the pledge of the inheritance (or hope) for the children can be reached by being resurrected as a Christ coming into Sonship and Divine Union  with the Divine Creator while on this earth.  On the other hand, the full realization of a complete or full inheritance cannot be attained until humans acknowledge the god within in order to transcend into the spiritual realm. Ths ascension will have an affect on the redemption of the whole Body of Christ's.  Therefore, through the indwelling of the Christ, the children become Sons having a foretaste until their bodies have become fully “Glorified.” Contrary to what we have been told, humans do not have to die a physical death to attain this.

A glorified body is the final fulfillment of the expectation our hope.  Therefore, humans can enjoy the blessings of a restored life now and know that there are temporal things that must pass away.  

This knowing and waiting creates  tension.  The tension is felt between the temporal (the physical body) and the eternal (the spirit).  The full and complete inheritance of the believer is the mature (Teleios) resurrection  right now and the final Divine Unification with the Whole.  “Being aware that we have this treasure in earthen vessels, the surpassing greatness of power may be of G-D, not from ourselves”.

The whole creation groans and suffers the pains of childbirth together and we ourselves having the first fruits of the Spirit or divine DNA, groan within ourselves, waiting eagerly for  this transformation.  

We know that if the earthly is torn down, we have a spiritual dwelling eternal in the heavenly realms.  In the corporeal, we groan longing to be clothed in righteousness with our dwelling in that heavenly place many call heaven—Divine Union!

There will be some who know Truth, however, because of erroneous teaching and traditions of men, many will not accept it, neither will they walk into the Kingdom or apply Kingdom Principles.  It is not until one can see a now Heaven as a possibility through their minds Eye that Heaven will materialize. It is Christ consciousness or god consciousness that humans cross the bridge between heaven and earth; between the Spirit and Soul; between the tangible and intangible; between the corporal and incorporeal; between mortal and immortality.

Therefore, press on toward the goal for the prize of the high call  as a Christ…for our citizenship is in Heaven from where we await the transformation of our body into conformity with our glory.  (Excerpts taken from the book Third Day Sons by Jewels Prophet)  Catch the Vision

Hotep (Peace) Light One Love!     
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